Balanced #Hustle

I have not blogged for over a year and to be honest, I’ve missed it. A lot has happened in the last 373 days but what I’ve learned in my quest to balance my career passions and family life is that –

 You can’t always be on ‘High Speed’.

As I develop and grow as a marketer but most importantly as a man, what I’ve learned is that you must have Balanced Hustle.

This year I changed jobs from The Home Depot to McDonald’s, built my wife a website for her new business at but most importantly, I’ve been enjoying raising my daughter and seeing her grow up into an amazing young lady. In my quest to dominate the marketing industry and learn and do all I can, I have never forgotten what’s really important to me and that is my family. I think a lot of people forget about this while climbing the corporate ladder and I’m really trying to prevent this from happening to me. I don’t want to be that person that misses soccer games, doesn’t help out around the house or is always on their phone. I want to be present at all times with the people I’m with.

At the end of the day no one is going to remember what a great Marketer you were or how awesome that campaign made the business oodles of money. At the end of the day when it’s all said and done, you will be remembered by those that love you and what they say should be the most important thing you care about. Put as much hustle that you put into your career, into your family life.

A couple of tips for you:

  • Do more with less meaning cut down on associations or groups you are involved in and really go hard with just 1 of them; don’t spread yourself too thin
  • When you get home, lock your phone in a closet and give your family the undivided attention they deserve
  • Create two sets of goals in 2016 – Career Goals and Family Goals for each quarter and hold yourself accountable to them
  • Ensure you put your health first because without that, it’s hard to do anything else

So my friends, I’m not saying don’t go after it and conquer the game. What I’m saying is, while you are dominating in your career, don’t forget to get home to those that love you and when you hug them, don’t let go first.

Have an amazing 2016! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you soon because I’M BACK!


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