Book Review: New Business Networking

Title: New Business Networking – How to Effectively Grow Your Business Network Using Online and Offline Methods
Author: Dave Delaney

Year: 2013
Publisher: Que Publishing
Pages: 213
Topics Covered: Networking, Social Media, Blogging, Podcasting

Networking is the most important thing you can do for your career. Let me write that again, networking is the most important thing you can do for your career. Meeting new people can be scary and a lot of work but the benefits outweigh the fear. Networking has evolved over the years. Things like social media, blogging and podcasting have changed things but traditional offline methods like meeting over a cup of coffee are still as effective as ever. In New Business Networking: How to Effectively Grow Your Business Networking Using Online and Offline Methods, Dave Delaney shares his best-kept secrets in how you can take your networking to another level.


What I Learned

This book is jam-packed with networking secrets but let me share with you some brief info and secrets from two of my favourite social media platforms:


  • Did you know that you could export your contact list from LinkedIn? Why would you want to do this you may ask? This list can become an important CRM list to network and reach out to people you think you can help – Dave walks you through how you can set-up your excel list and make it a productive tool for your networking goals. It’s such a great tip I immediately acted on it.
  • Each LinkedIn account is allocated 3,000 invitations to prevent people from abusing the system – accept invitations carefully.
  • You are limited to only join 50 groups.


  • Great tweets should fit into one of four categories: Inspirational, Informative, Advocating, or Entertaining.
  • Reserve a self-promotional tweet for once every twelve tweets that you promote someone else.
  • Attract new followers by being helpful. Bring value to them.

Why You Should Read This Book

You need to read this book to learn networking tips and tricks in social media platforms and how you can create opportunities for yourself by organizing your very own Meetups – a Meetup is a gathering of like-minded people who just want to connect and help each other out. This truly is the complete guide to everything you would ever need to know about networking. If you’ve recently lost your job, moved to a new area or want to grow your network, reading this book will give you key fundamental steps you can do to increase your network and develop very valuable relationships.

Favourite Quotes

“Remember that networking is not only about what your network can do for you, but about what you can do for you’re your network.” – pg. 67

“By creating and sharing compelling content, you promote yourself and ultimately grow your network from connecting with people interested in what you’re sharing.” – pg. 152


Final Thoughts

One of the things I loved about this book is that Dave interweaves his story throughout the book. This is as much about Dave’s journey in networking as it is about the art of networking. Dave documents his move to Nashville, an area where he knew no one and how he turned around and used networking to create opportunities for him and build a new career. New Business Networking is must read and Dave Delaney is someone you need to follow and learn from.

I had the privilege of meeting Dave at one of his Meetups, or what he called TweetUp (a meeting of Twitter friends) that he organized while visiting Toronto this past week. I had no idea what to expect when I agreed to go but I really wanted to meet Dave and have him sign my copy of his book. What I discovered while attending the event is that it’s not so scary. I met some amazing people like Connie Crosby and Paul Henman. Meeting new people, connecting and forming new relationships can not only be good for your career, but just plain old good for your soul. I was so glad I went and encourage you to experience a Meetup/TweetUp for yourself.


  1. Thanks a million for the amazing review. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that you enjoyed my book so much.

    It was wonderful to meet you. Let’s be sure to keep in touch!

    • I’m waiting for your next book! 😉 Keep up the great work


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