Links Worthy of Your Attention this May 2014

Did you see one link, story, picture or thought online recently that you think somebody you know must see?

Check out these five links that I think are worthy of your attention this month:

Generation Like

Likes, Retweets and Pins are the new currency in this digital age. Watch this amazing PBS documentary that takes you into the lives of millennials and how they use social media.

A 4-Step Guide To Evangelizing Content Within Your Brand

Content is no longer ‘King’. It’s now the price of entry. This article addresses the question: How do I successfully evangelize content within my company? 

The Future of Brain Implants

Very cool article on the future of the brain. It might scare you or make you excited.

Dick’s Taps Amateurs to Make Case That ‘Sports Matter’

Check out this campaign from Dick’s Sporting Goods store that was meant to raise awareness of the ‘Sports Matter’ program which will award up to $2 million in grants to disbanded or financially challenged youth sports teams. Canadian Tire had a similar campaign with their  JumpStart program.

8 Essential Tips To Make Google Search Better And Faster

Great tips for Google Search that you might not have known.

A fundamental component of learning is sharing so now it’s your turn: If you have any cool links you want to share, please send them my way in the comments section of this post and share them with the DIGITALoPENcONcept community. We are all here to teach each other so please do your part.

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