5 Links Worthy of Your Attention | April 2014

Did you see one link, story, picture or thought online recently that you think somebody you know must see?

Check out these five links that I think are worthy of your attention this month:

Canadian e-comm offerings disappointing: study

This article talks about the state of e-Commerce in Canada. Very interesting data in the write-up indicating that there is a huge disconnect that exists between a Canadian retailer’s online and in-store channels.

Tour the ‘Home of the Future’

An interesting video from CNN on what a ‘smart home’ looks like.

Make It Wearable Part 5: Daily Life

‘The Internet of Things’ and ‘Wearable Technology’ are two key hot trends right now. Technology is becoming more and more embedded into our lives and being able to get data about your life is becoming very important.

Pizza Hut Evolves In-Store Digital

The digital revolution is starting to cause an in-store evolution. More and more brands are starting to incorporate technology within their shopping environment to not only give their customers a unique and differentiated experience, but also as an efficiency tactic. Check out this example from Pizza Hut.

Slidedocs by Nancy Duarte

If you don’t know who Nancy Duarte is, you need to drop what you are doing and buy all of her books right now if you wish to be a better presenter and learn about visual storytelling. In a lot of corporations and agencies today, we communicate via PowerPoint or Keynote. Although these programs were never meant to be treated as a word processing document, people treat them as such. Nancy created a free presentation that walks you through how you can create a proper presentation report she terms as a Slidedoc.

A fundamental component of learning is sharing so now it’s your turn: If you have any cool links you want to share, please send them my way in the comments section of this post and share them with the DIGITALoPENcONcept community. We are all here to teach each other so please do your part.

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