Ten Thousand Coffees: How Coffee Is Being Used for Mentorship

I remember when I was just starting out in my career, how overwhelming everything felt. After graduating from Ryerson University’s Business Management program, I decided that I wanted to embark into the wonderful world of advertising. What I didn’t realize was how difficult it was going to be to get my first initial job. It took me a whole 11 months to finally land employment but during that time I did one very important thing; I asked advertising professionals out for coffee. I figured while I was looking for a job, I could talk to some seasoned professionals and not only learn about the career I wanted to embark on but pick these people’s brains on what made them successful.

Since then, I’ve had many important cups of coffee with various mentors that have offered me great pieces of advice and have been instrumental in helping me develop and grow. It is through these conversations that I learned valuable lessons on where I wanted my career to go and what I needed to do to get there. I truly believe in the power of mentorship which is why I was thrilled to hear about an amazing new initiative called Ten Thousand Coffees.


Ten Thousand Coffees is the brain child of Dave Wilkin, a serial entrepreneurial and youth advocacy expert who is also the founder of Redwood, a leading Earned Media Advocacy marketing company focusing on youth. I first learned about Dave when he was named one of Marketing Magazines Top 30 Under 30 back in 2012.  Through this program, Dave and his team are creating a bridge to connect the leaders of today and the social generation of tomorrow. Ten Thousand coffees strives to democratize the coffee experience and start a revolution where young people get access to top business and social leaders. By going to tenthousandcoffees.com and creating your own profile, as a Novice you can request a meeting with an Expert that is in an industry you strive to be in or as an Expert, you have the opportunity to pay it forward and share your wisdom with the next generation.

If you are a young professional just starting out in your career, allow a cup of coffee to be the bridge to connecting you with someone who has travelled the road you have just begun. No other beverage has connected more people than a cup of coffee and there is nothing greater you can do for your career than connect with someone seeking to share their experience with you. Join the mentorship movement at tenthousandcoffees.com and look me up if you are starting a career in marketing or advertising.

Remember that mentorship is, the connection of two individuals brought together to form a relationship that benefits both and that allows the opportunity for each to give the other a piece of themselves that will help in one another’s growth and development.


*Photo Details: Dave Wilkin having coffee with CEO of McDonald’s Canada, John Betts

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