Book Review | The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Title: The New Rules of Marketing & PR – How to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases & viral marketing to reach buyers directly – 4th Edition
Author: David Meerman Scott
Year: 2013
Publisher: Wiley
Pages: 384
Topics Covered: Social Media, PR, Content Marketing, Blogs, Online Video, Real-Time Marketing (News Jacking)

I heard from the great digital guru, Mitch Joel, that The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott was a book that you had to read if you were a marketer and I couldn’t agree more. I read the latest edition and I couldn’t help but marvel at the amount of deep content that David presents to the reader. This book is as thick as a textbook but it reads like a marketing consultant giving you everything he knows to help you and your business. I never knew about David’s work before this book and after reading it, he’s definitely one of my new teachers and mentors.

What I Learned

I love the analogy that David paints when describing the eco-system of the web in The New Rules of Marketing & PR. He describes the web as a city and within that city corporate sites are storefronts, Craiglist is like the bulletin board at the entrance of the corner store, eBay a garage sale and Amazon a superstore. Mainstream media sites like the New York Times online are the newspapers of the city, chat rooms and forums are pubs and saloons, and you even have the bad parts of town that are represented by adult entertainment sites and spam. Social media is one big cocktail party and the same rules that apply to a real-life party, apply to this digital space. In order to make a great impression, you must not talk about just yourself, but interact with others and ask them questions. As David points out, social media is “a fun place where you give more than you get.”

Another key take-way I took from this book was that marketers need to think about their buyer’s preferred media and learning styles when creating content. Content can be bucketed into 3 types: Text, Audio and Video. David emphasizes that “we all have different learning styles and media preferences.” People like different formats to consume content so marketers must create messages in as many formats as possible.

Why You Should Read This Book

If you are looking for a book that will teach you about content marketing, real-time marketing or as David has labeled it ‘news jacking’ and social media, this is the book you MUST read. This is a digital marketing book that breaks down the various digital properties and tools like no other book I have read. Reading this book is the equivalent of taking a digital marketing course or MBA class.

Favourite Quotes

  • “Only when you understand buyers should you begin to create compelling web content to reach them.”
  • “Thought leadership content is designed to solve buyer problems or answer questions and to show that you and your organization are smart and worth doing business with”
  • “Consider what market problems your buyer personas are faced with and develop topics that appeal to them.”
  • “Great web content is about your buyers, not about you.”
  • “…don’t use Facebook to overtly sell. Rather, create information that people will want to share.”

Final Thoughts

The New Rules of Marketing & PR is a book all marketers must read. It is 384 pages of pure quality content that will make you better at your marketing job. I promise this. If it doesn’t, contact me and we’ll discuss.


Full disclosure: This book was provided to me by Wiley. I thank them for sending me this book and allowing me to review it. They did not pay me at all and this post is my honest opinion of the book.


  1. Jonathan – thanks for taking the time to review my book. Glad that you liked it. We’ve come a long way since my friends at Wiley published the first edition way back in 2007.

    Good luck implementing the ideas.

    Cheers, David

    • Thank you so much David! You really did write a masterpiece. It’s going to be right by my desk at work as a reference whenever I am stumped writing a campaign strategy. Thank you for writing this awesome piece of work!


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