What I Want to Tell You on My 5,000 Tweet

5,000 tweets! Not a lot to some, and way too many for others. In fact when I told my wife I was approaching this milestone she said, “You tweet too much.” She’s probably right but I love sharing marketing news with all of you and interacting with my Twitter peeps. But for my 5,000 tweet I wanted to do something special. This tweet and post is not who you think it’s for. It’s actually not for you. It is for my daughter Valencia. I’m sharing it with all of you because in some small way, I hope it helps you. ¬†Thank you for reading.

Dear Valencia,

You might not understand right now but every morning after I kiss you goodbye in the morning, I go to this place called ‘work’. But you see, it’s not really work for me because I love what I do and that’s rare to say these days. I go to this place because this is where Daddy learns, plays and expresses his creativity. Daddy works with some really awesome people that he learns from everyday. Things like money, status and recognition certainly motivate me in my career but what really drives me at work is learning and using my knowledge to change the world in some small way.

Coming home and seeing your beautiful face is my favourite part of the day. After your mom and I put you to bed, I usually retreat to an awesome book I am reading or go to the laptop to express myself through a blog post. I write because I want to share things with my tribe, the small group of people who learn and value what I produce. I love to teach as much as I love to learn. One day Daddy hopes to write a book. One day I also hope to teach in a classroom or on a stage.

I’m telling you these things because I want you to know three things when you grow up:

1. Find your passion and go for it. Too many people settle. I see too many people bored at their jobs and they are walking zombies. Don’t let this happen to you. Whatever you have to do to find your passion, do it. Explore your creativity and find what you love to do because when you do, you will give it your all and give the very best of yourself to this world. But don’t forget to never stop learning. Others may strive solely for money and power but what you need to do is strive for knowledge and wisdom because when you do, everything else will take care of itself.

2. Be a strong powerful woman. Never let anyone make you feel inferior or weak because you are a female. The world needs more female leaders and strong courageous women that will not stand on the sidelines but will stand firm on the front-line. A woman’s voice can be just as powerful as a man’s. A true honourable man respects a woman for her intelligence and does not feel threatened by her skill. Do not suppress what you can be but always put your very best for the world to see.

3. This is the most important. No matter how hard I work and no matter how much I have to do, the most important job I will ever have is to be your father. You see, a lot of people never learn this lesson. They consistently stay late at work and give 95% of themselves to their job and only give 5% to their family. Some of us, me included, strive to climb that corporate ladder or start our own business but when I die, no one is going to remember what a great marketer I was. No one is going to remember me for the campaigns I executed or blog posts I wrote. What I hope I am remembered for is being a good brother, son, friend, husband and most importantly, father.

I hope you get a chance to read this when you’re older. I love you.

Your Dadddy,
Jonathan Chiriboga


  1. Amazing post Jonathan! I love the last point you had for your daughter. I’m a first year student at Schulich, but even though I’m young I know being a great father/family man is my biggest aspiration! My question is, while doing what we love and vraising a family, is it acase of giving a 100%in both (conventional thinking would say no, but it it possible to be dedicated in both?)? How do you go about it?

    • Hi Chris!

      It is possible to do both but you need to sacrifice things like TV and sometimes sleep. ; )


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