Marketing Stories Worthy of Your Attention | March 2014

Please find below some great marketing links for you to digest this month. Hope they teach, inspire and provoke you to think different.

Retail Collective offers interactive in person shopping experience

Imagine shopping for a pair of jeans in-store but instead of looking through stacks and stacks of different sizes, one is on display. Using your smartphone, you scan the barcode, select your size, add them to your virtual cart and your jeans are delivered by robot waiting for you to try on in change room #5. Did I get your attention?

The Twitter Olympics: Inside Oreo’s marketing ‘War Room’

Ever since Oreo proved the power of ‘real-time marketing’ during the 2012 Super Bowl, many have tried to copy their success. This article takes you into Oreo’s marketing ‘War Room’ as they execute amazing tweets during the Olympic games. A great read.

Shaw establishes new online research tool ‘The Viewers Lounge’

I’ve always been a supporter of brands building an online digital panel of their customers. Imagine having a group of customers that you could tap into for their opinions on product and marketing. Having the panel online makes it more efficient and effective, giving you immediate feedback at a lower cost than a traditional focus group would probably give you. Learn about how Shaw is doing this. They aren’t the first and they certainly won’t be the last.

Coming to your TV, an ad just for you

Localized commercials based on postal codes? Coming to a TV near you!

Branding in an Era of Personalization

Personalization is the next big evolution in retailing and marketing. But what some may call personalization, others may call breach of privacy. What do you think?

And check out this example – Great marketing tactic or did the brand cross the ‘creepy’ line?

The Beginners Guide to Social Media

Great resource to learn about Social Media.

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