3 Ways Twitter Can Change Your Life

I was a late bloomer to Twitter. In fact when it first came out, I was one of its biggest critics. I mean really, who wanted to know what I was eating for breakfast. I know that a lot of you still have this viewpoint. In fact, I recently tried to get a colleague of mine to join Twitter and her response was, “Are you serious, who wants to hear about the crap I’m doing.” If you feel this way, let me tell you that you are using Twitter all wrong. It wasn’t until this past May that I really learned and unleashed the power of Twitter and I’m going to tell you about three ways it changed my life and how it can change yours.

1. Ask for 15 Minutes

Let me preface this story by first telling you that I am a huge marketing nerd and marketing mavens and though-leaders are my heroes. One day, I was minding my own business, scanning my Twitter feed when I ran across a tweet by a very well-known marketing guru named Julien Smith that stated the following:

“Taking 1 phone call a day this week – 15 mins a day – to get on the phone and answer questions or whatever else you feel like. Go.”

Julien Smith Tweet

I responded immediately asking him for one of the slots. Talking to his guy would be the equivalent to talking to a celebrity in my world. I mean if someone told you, you could have 15 minutes on the phone with someone you greatly respected, admired and wanted to be like, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? I did and it changed my life and here’s how. I had a very nice chat with Julien and right when I was about to say thank-you and hang up he said “Wait. Jonathan I have homework for you. I want you to step outside your comfort zone and for the next 7 days I want you to ask 5 people each day for 15 minutes of their time. They need to be people that you greatly admire and wish that you could speak to.” With those words Julien commissioned me on a journey that I am forever thankful. I wrote my list and reached out to my various marketing/communication heroes and because of this initiative I got to speak to people like Nick Morgan, John Morgan,  Chris Brogan, Kristen Laird and Doug Stephens. I still have more people that I need to get back to but the moral of the story is that, Twitter is  a tool that connects you with people that you probably never would have spoken to. Take the challenge and ask for 15 minutes of someone’s time that you greatly admire via Twitter. They might say no but if they say yes, imagine the gift you will receive from it.

2. Gain Wisdom & Opportunities

One of the keys to Twitter is to follow the right people. The reason for this is because they will share content that is most valuable to you and that interests you the most. I use Twitter as a source of colleting knowledge and wisdom. The people I follow usually share great articles, videos and snippets of info that have been valuable to my growth and development as a marketer. There are some people that I have connected with on Twitter that I have built a relationship with but actually have never met in person. I know this sounds weird but this is the power of Twitter. The fact that you can connect with someone and share content, knowledge and professional experiences with is so valuable. I actually got a speaking engagement through one of my connections on Twitter; Diana Chan. Diana runs her own Consulting & Coaching practice called ‘Magnify Your Marketability’ and a couple weeks ago asked me to be part of a panel discussing how one can accelerate their career. I never would have had this opportunity if I didn’t connect with Diana via Twitter and develop this online relationship with her. Be so bold to reach out to someone on Twitter and make that connection with them.

3. Grow Your Business

A lot of businesses still struggle with how to connect with their customers on Twitter. A lot of them have issues with the scalability. I hear a lot of things like, “Twitter takes me too much time. I can’t honestly be on it 24/7”. This may be true but can you really afford not to be on Twitter. Businesses have never existed in a greater time than now where they have the ability to actually reach out to customers on a one-to-one basis. Companies like KLM, understand that Twitter shouldn’t just be a tool to push your marketing messages further but a tool that can be used to connect with your customers and even sweep them off their feet. The power of hash-tags and Twitter parties can take your brand from social media obscurity to social media dominance. I know that the level of patience for businesses is small. They want a return on their dollar right away but in the words of Gary Vaynerchuk, Twitter is a platform where you ‘Give, Give Give and then Ask’. Give your followers great content, help when they need it, provide one-to-one interaction and maybe, just maybe, you’ll win them over. I promise you, your business will grow if you pay attention to your audience on Twitter. I’ve grown my blog audience because of Twitter and it keeps opening many doors for me.

I hope that you will learn to unleash the power of Twitter like I have. I hope that you will not say, “Are you serious, who wants to hear about the crap I’m doing” and instead say “Let me get serious with learning how to use this tool properly and what it was created for.” The reason this tool was created was to connect people in a way like never before imagined. Please, I beg you to allow it to work for you. If Twitter has changed your life like it has mine, I would love to hear about it. Drop me a comment.


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  2. Twitter has been my number 1 social media platform. It has allowed me to connect with different people I admire and it has allowed me to book guests on my online radio show.

    The best part about Twitter is that you can communicate with people in real time and I can say that I am addicted to Twitter.

    • Love Twitter! Thanks for the comment!


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