Nike recently came out with a commercial that moved me. It moved me because I interpret the message to be the following:

If you are going to do something, go all in. Do it bigger and better than you can possibly dream. No looking back. Just do it.

I love this message because it is what I truly believe and how I try to live my life – all in.The script of the ad, read brilliantly by Bradley Cooper, is as follows:

Listen if you can run a mile, run a race. You know what, run a marathon. Outrun a movie star.

If you can ride a bike, ride that thing. Ride a bull, ride a tougher bull. Let’s watch this. What kind of bull is that?

If you can move your hips, if you can dance; move your legs, move your feet, move the ball. Is that Piqué? Score the goal. Ya that is Piqué.

You like to fight? Well pick on someone your own size; pick on someone twice your size. Pick on him. That’s not good. Oh, lesson learned.

If you can play table tennis, serve like that. Beat the champ. Beat her mentor. Come on you got this. Beat Serena.

If you can beat your friend one-on-one, beat him. Steal it. Take it. Sorry girls. Now take your talent to the streets. Beat the street court legend. That’s good. Beat that guy. Hold on… we’ve been waiting for this. That was nice…good luck with that.


Watching this video compelled me to write a different script.  A script that encompasses how I feel and tell everyone I meet who asks me for advice. This script is for young marketing students, for professionals who need to be re-ignited, for those who doubt themselves, for those who are settling on being average. Here it is:

Listen, if you can write, become a copywriter. You know what, start a blog…no scratch that, become an author and write a book. Write 50 books.

If you can teach, teach a group. Teach a class. Teach thousands. Fill a stadium.

If you can lead, if you can generate a following, lead a movement. Lead a cause. Lead a revolution. Is that Seth Godin? No it’s Mitch Joel….wait, no that’s Gary Vaynerchuk.

You like to learn? Well pick a mentor. Copy that mentor. Steal from that mentor. Wait that’s not good.  

If you can dream, dream big. Dream beyond your realm of possibility. Achieve that dream. Come on you got this. Dream to be the CEO.

If you can start a business, start it. Do it. Take it. Now take that business to the street and hustle. Beat your competition. That’s good. Be bigger than them.

Whatever you do, do it better than anyone else. Give it your all. Because the world doesn’t need more average people. It needs the best of you. It needs your all. #JustDoIt


  1. How creative! I love it! The JustDoIt Slogan is meant to be personal; to relate to a whole world of people. Nike’s JustDoIt Ad first aired in 1988, and it still works! It’s an awesome lesson in marketing. It’s inspirational, motivational, personal, and been spoken by true legends. I’ll always think of Michael Jordan when I think of the JustDoIt commercial. Nike is so smart. They provide all these examples of inspiration to “JustDoIt” to get people to react. Just like it moved you, it made me want to go to get out of my bed and go to the gym (lol). In the meantime, they hope future CEO’s like yourself will prefer Nike brand shoes and apparel. I know I do!


    • Thanks for your comment Rachel! ‘Just Do It’ means so many different things to me which is why I wrote this post. Going to put on my Nike gear and go to the gym right now..lol.

  2. wow that’s a cool script right there, I also like that Nike ad its really inspirational.

  3. Rachei you are fantastic,,just do it.im going to it sure……

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