5 Marketing Campaigns You Need to See

This month I have 5 awesome marketing campaigns to show you. As marketers one of the best things we can do is look outside of our North American bubble and study campaigns from around the world. This month I will show you campaigns from around the corner and others from across the ocean.

I hope you like them and learn something new. Let me know what you think.

S-Oil Park Here Balloon

When you watch this clip, you will say to yourself…’Why didn’t I think of that!!!!’


Audi Health Check Surprise Shuttle

Customer Delight is one of the most important things a brand can do for their customers. A really great example of this was recently done by Audi and their agency BIMM.


DELA – Why Wait Until It’s Too Late

I’m a sucker for emotional campaigns that pull at the heart-strings. This is a perfect example of one.


Fliike by Smiirl

Smiirl is a company that created a new tool called Fliike, the first Facebook fan counter connected in real time and designed for businesses.

It’s a great tool and in my opinion, retail is evolving towards ‘Social Shopping’ – a shopping experience where retailers will begin to include more and more social properties within the retail environment.

Nordstrom’s recently did this with Pinterest that you can read here.

There are examples from around the world where fashion boutiques have hangers that actually show the # of likes that the piece of garment received. Sounds cool doesn’t it? 


Why are retailers doing this? Because like ‘Product Reviews’ and ‘Word of Mouth’, customers want to know what others are buying and what they like. People want to be in the know and be on-trend. The number of  Facebook Likes and Pins could be the next new tool that retailers can use to convince customers to make a purchase in-store.


Kmart Back to School Layaway Campaign

In Kmart’s follow-up to ‘Ship Your Pants’, they have created a new back to school campaign that has a different angle on ‘Your Mama’ jokes. Instead of using it as an insult, the kids in the commercial use it as a way to complement each other’s mothers for shopping at Kmart.

It’s pretty funny and I personally like it because I looked like the kid who starts off the commercial back in the day. ; ) Don’t believe me, I’ll send you a pic.

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