Book Review: Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel

In the revolutionary 1999 movie, The Matrix, a character by the name of Morpheus gives the protagonist Neo a choice of either waking up and seeing the truth of the world around him, or remaining asleep and accepting what is. He tells Neo, “This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.”  When you pick up Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel, you are taking the ‘red pill’ so be ready to have your eyes opened and allow Mitch to take you deep down the rabbit hole. It truly is a rush.

I was one of the lucky 80 to receive a galley copy of Ctrl Alt Delete. When Mitch presented the opportunity to be a part of this exclusive group, I jumped at the opportunity. Mitch is the marketing and advertising thought leader I go to when I want to learn. His previous book, Six Pixels of Separation, was one of the best business books I have ever read so I have been eagerly awaiting his second work of art and he certainly does not disappoint. Mitch Joel

In his new book Mitch sets the stage off the bat by stating that we are currently in a state of business ‘purgatory’ – a place where we are still trying to figure things out. Technology has turned things upside down and created chaos. Mitch states that during this state of purgatory, “…many businesses will die and many jobs will disappear, but in the same breath, many businesses will thrive, many new businesses will be created, and many new jobs will be invented.”

The first half of the book is called ‘Reboot: Business’ that talks about the change that brands need to make in order to survive in this new world. In this section you get introduced to terms such as ‘Utilitarianism marketing’, passive and active media, having sex with data and one screen, to name just a few. You certainly get a peak at the future of marketing through the eyes of Mitch Joel and it is enlightening.

The second half of the book is called ‘Reboot: You’ and Mitch makes the strong case that in order for You to survive in this ever changing new work place, You have to change. A new skill set, new mindset and new attitude is required. In this section you get introduced to terms such as digital first posture, squiggle, and Generation Flux, to name just a few. Mitch inspires you as he tells his career journey and you can’t help but become a ‘raving fan’ after reading about it.

Throughout the book Mitch gives some amazing case examples and introduces you to other thought leaders and books that you begin writing them all down to put them on your reading list. While reading this book I caught myself downloading apps Mitch mentions and looking up products, articles and videos he refers to.  Nike needs to pay him royalties because I got a Nike Fuel band after reading about it in Ctrl Alt Delete.

Ctrl Alt Delete comes out on May 21st, 2013. Please do yourself a favour and open your eyes by reading this book. Take the ‘red pill’ like Neo did and enter the Matrix, or as Mitch puts it, Purgatory.

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