Learning is a never ending journey, especially when it comes to a profession like marketing. One of the most significant pieces of advice I give to up-and-coming marketers is, ‘Invest in your professional development every year.’

So many people get wrapped up in their daily work that they forget to read a book, listen to a podcast, attend a workshop, take a course or even scan the internet for great articles. There are times when I look at thought leaders like Seth Godin, Amber Mac and Mitch Joel and ask myself, how did they become thought leaders? How do they know so much? The answer is, their thirst for knowledge, wisdom and the quest to learn something new everyday are the keys to their success.

Don’t have the time you may say. In today’s ever changing world of marketing, I don’t think you can afford not to.

Once you believe you know it all, you lose. The moment you accept that learning is a life long journey that takes hard work, you give yourself the potential and opportunity to achieve greatness.

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