Book Review: Give Your Speech, Change The World by Nick Morgan

Give Your Speech, Change The World: How To Move Your Audience to Action by Nick Morgan is a must read for anyone looking to learn about the art of presenting. It truly is a transformational book.

As you move up the corporate ladder the one important skill that you will need to develop is the art of ‘presenting.’ Unfortunately if you are like me, this does not come naturally to you. One day I was listening to Mitch Joel’s podcast, ‘Six Pixels of Separation’ and he had Nick Morgan as a guest. After the interview I was compelled to pick up his book. I learned so much through this book and it continues to be a manual for me as I progress in my career.

Nick begins the book by telling you the history of public speaking, how it started, how it evolved and where we are today. He then takes you on a journey on how to prepare, how to deliver and how get the most out of an audience centered speech.

The main lesson in the book is that in order to deliver a fantastic presentation, it must be less about you and more about the audience. Nick Morgan is a communications guru and I look forward to learning more from him through the rest of his books and other ventures. Please visit his website at where you will find amazing advice on how you too can give a speech and change the world.

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