Use LinkedIn As Your Digital Store Front

If you only use LinkedIn when you are looking for a new job, PLEASE CONTINUE READING.

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for yes finding a job but it has so many other benefits such as the following:

1. Branding Tool: Like a company, you too are a brand. Professionally branding yourself is so key to networking and advancing in your career. Like a company, you need a website to tell people what you have to offer and who you are. You probably don’t want to create a website as it is too time consuming and there is a learning process that you may not want to embark on so make it easy for you. Use your LinkedIn profile page as your webpage. Treat is as your website. Add a picture and really put some hard work into the story you would like to tell people about your professional career.

2. Networking: LinkedIn in its essence is a huge database waiting for you to explore and probe. If you ever wondered what it is like to work at a corporation you have been eyeing from afar, why not find someone that works there and ask if they wouldn’t mind connecting and sitting down to chat with you about what working for the company is like. LinkedIn is your new rolodex. ¬†Ensure you add everyone you meet. Connect and keep in touch.

3. Information Hub: LinkedIn is now my new place to read articles that are related to my industry. My connections constantly share articles I care about and LinkedIn is my new newspaper. Ensure you visit LinkedIn to learn about what is going on in the professional space you are in and ensure you share articles you have read as well.

I have read countless articles that have provided LinkedIn tips but here a couple of my own:

  • Re-arrange Sections: Did you know that you could rearrange the order of the sections in your LinkedIn profile? Try rearranging your profile and putting things you are most proud of or that would get the attention of people at the top.
  • Headline: Change your headline every now and than. The benefits of this is, it gets you in the feed of your connections every time you change it. It gets your profile noticed. Marketers test headlines in direct mail pieces and ads all the time, why not take that approach and test out headlines.
  • Picture: Get a good professional photo and add it in your profile, PLEASE! Profiles with photos get noticed.
  • Ask for a Recommendation / Write a Recommendation: Ask for a recommendation from someone you worked closely with. Don’t ask for one from someone you barely spoke to. Write a recommendation for someone you enjoyed working with and that had an impact on you. You should give as much as you receive.

LinkedIn is an amazing tool that you can leverage for your career and personal development. Good luck and get started updating that profile….but add me while you are at it. : )

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