4 Podcasts You Must Subscribe To

Listening to music while you are working out or listening to the radio on your commute is good BUT what if you could learn while you are on the go. Wouldn’t you like to use such precious little time you have more effectively? Wouldn’t you like to multi-task and accomplish your workout while learning about the latest trend in social media or if you are stuck on the highway or on the GO Train, wouldn’t you like to learn how technology is changing the retail landscape and how consumers shop?

Podcasts are a great tool that I recently became a fan of. I usually have a long drive to work in the morning and an even longer drive home so what I usually do is listen to one of these 4 marketing/business podcasts. I highly recommend them and if you get hooked like me, pass these recommendations on to your friends and colleagues. Subscribe to all of these podcasts via iTunes.

1. Six Pixels of Separation: This is a great weekly podcast from technology and digital guru Mitch Joel. Mitch  is a partner at Twist Image and writes a weekly blog entitled Six Pixels of Separation. Mitch is a leader in the marketing industry and has fantastic guests on his podcast every week. His discussions range from social media to blogging to presentation skills. This is an amazing podcast and I highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to learn more about the digital landscape. I personally can’t wait every week to hear Mitch ask his guest at the beginning of every podcast, “So who are you are what do you do?”. Do yourself a favour and allow Mitch to be your digital mentor.

2. the BeanCast: This is a weekly podcast by Bob Knorpp. Bob is a Marketing Consultant at The Cool Beans
Group and every week he has a panel of industry experts that talk about marketing and business related topics.  I love this podcast because Bob always has great topics to talk about and his guests are always prepared and willing to share their thoughts. The panel usually consists of three to four industry professionals and although there is a lot of great information presented, there also is a lot of humour. Add this podcast to your subscription list.

3. The BusinessCast: This weekly podcast is one for entrepreneurs. It is hosted by Robert Gold the Managing Partner of Toronto-based Bennett Gold LLP, Chartered Accountants and Andrew Brown, President of the business communications consulting firm, Write On The Money. Every week Robert and Andrew sit down and interview an entrepreneur about their business and the challenges and opportunities they face. What I love about this podcast is that the guests range from high profile CEO’s to small size entrepreneurs who are making an impact in their industry.

4. Marketing Over Coffee: This weekly podcast is hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher Penn. They actually record the podcast in a coffee shop and talk about the latest topics in marketing. It’s a great format because it’s like you are eavesdropping on a couple buddies having a chat about the profession they love. I encourage you to pour yourself a cup of great coffee, and listen in on everything from what Facebook will do next to what Apple has on the horizon.

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