How Will Technology Shape Our Future?

It is amazing how far technology has come over the last 10 years. It keeps evolving and changing the way we communicate and live. As a marketer, it keeps opening new doors to reach the customer and providing new tools to get their attention. Companies like Apple, Mircrosoft, Facebook, Samsung and Intel have truly reshaped our world. Just when you think it can’t get any better than the television, laptop, smartphone and even the MP3 player, they come out with the tablet. Just when you think email and instant message are the best thing since slice bread, they come out with social media. I don’t know what they will come out with next but what I do know is that whatever it is, it will once again change our world.

Back in 1987 Apple did some promotional videos on a concept they called the ‘Knowledge Navigator’. This tablet was essentially a virtual personal assistant that did everything from producing videos calls, to making appointments to gathering info. Sound familiar? When Siri was integrated into the iPad, the ‘Knowledge Navigator’ became that much closer to becoming a reality. It is amazing that Apple had the vision back in 1987 for what would be the iPad. It is this type of forward thinking that made them who they are today.


So as we embark into the future and technology evolves, how will our lives evolve with it? Will we soon live in a touch screen world? How will this change marketing and how we reach customers? Whatever happens, buckle up your seat belts and hold on tight because we haven’t seen nothing yet…


  1. Great observations, Jonathan. What are your views on how technology is shaping the world of retail?

    • Great question! Technology is changing retail a great deal. From getting the product to the customer in a quicker way when ordering online like Amazon is doing to price matching like Best Buy is doing with their new Price Match Guarantee to prices even on the web. The dream is becoming a reality and more and more people are moving online via their laptops, tablets and mobile phones to purchase their goods. This is a great topic that I’m exploring further and will definitely write a blog post on. Thanks for your question.


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